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Who is eligible for this type of insurance?

Life insurance without medical exam is for those who have a diffcult time of obtaining a more "standard" type of insurance due to health issues: cancer, heart attack, overweight, etc...

What is the difference between with and without medical exam?

Excellent query. "Without medical exam" means that you do not need to submit yourself to blood test, high blood pressure and other medically related tests. However, this do not mean that you'll be insured automatically. A basic medical questionnaire is required. Questions asked on the form will determine whether or not the insurance company will accept or refuse to insure you, or charge a premium surcharge.

Manulife offers a life insurance without any medical questions or exam. Is it worth it?

This product offers very important restrictions. For example, if you past away during the first two years of the premium, the life insurance won't be paid. Furthermore, it is a very expensive product. You can compare with other products on the website.

Is it true that the less questions they ask about my health, they will be inclined to ask medical questions after my death?

You are correct. You need to be wary of financial institutions who will insure you without barely asking any medical questions. You will make sure your heirs will avoid any unnecessary issues.

Why is a life insurance without medical exam more expensive?

The less you want to reveal about your health, the more the insurance company needs to protect itself seeing as it doesn't have any information about your health.

If I'm healthy, can I can still purchase a life insurance without medical exam?

Yes it is possible, however it'd like buying a pair 12 of shoes when you need a 9. It does have restrictions and is more expensive, but it's up to you.

Are premiums fixed or will they increase over time?

You can choose between permanent or term life insurance.

If one of my parents is on their deathbed, can I insure them?

No. First, it's up to the person of legal age (Quebec's law) to fill out and sign the insurance form. As aforementioned, a two year restriction applies if the death occurs during the first two year of the premium.

What is insurable amount for an insurance without medical exam?

From 5 000 $ up to 500 000 $.

I'm healthy, but don't want to be submitted to a medical exam. I don't have time. What can I do?

Do not worry. A nurse will meet you to where ever you are and it's free! It's a great way to keep tabs on your health on a regular basis.
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